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Cloud Computing:


This on demand service of clients data access is the most sought after service in this decade. It obvious reduction in cost of IT infrastructure can be cared for by professional service organizations in high-powered data centers offering back up redundancy and disaster recovery.

P.F. Parnell staff will evaluate the end user requirements for Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Serverless computing and Function as a Service and specify requirements for Carriers of private and or public cloud services.

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Unified Communications as a Service is todays leading architecture for commercial and government telecommunications requirements. Not only is it cost efficient but feature rich and has become a very competitive market. The professionals of P.F. Parnell Associates, LTD provide design, application and usage criteria documentation with our customer’s interest in mind. This allows Carriers to bid their services with standardized specifications for most efficient evaluation by our end users.


In today’s ever changing world of technology, many Companies and Governments continue to grow into their own on site telecommunications equipment. This puts the burden of dealing with the access carriers in the hands of the customers. Parnell professionals and Carrier relations personal are available to search out voice, data, MPLS, SIP, ISDN and analog services that will interconnect with the customer’s equipment and design redundancy and failover. Services like SD-WAN are not “one fits all” and we can insure that the correct applications are quoted and supplied.

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Project Management:

P.F. Parnell, over the many years of service, have managed projects such as Fiber Optic placement and outside plant construction through Cities like New York to rural areas. The Company has secured right of ways, duct selections and permits as well as managed contractor installation and compliance requirements. Structured cabling projects inside building or multi locations for government agencies and campus environments has always been a strength the Company has excelled in.

Project management also applies to customers of Ucaas, Cloud Computing and Telecommunications can rely on.

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